NightCast Records is a New York City based independent incubator of new music delivered through the World Wide Web.  NightCast is committed to supporting the creative talents of its artists in Contemporary Jazz, Pop, Chill House and New Age.  With skilled producers and access to state of the art digital production and recording facilities, NightCast is recognized as an innovative channel that enables our artists to reach their audiences.  The NightCast Records artist roster includes artist that span many styles including Jim Savitt, Lanny Ward, Ginetta, Manhattan Project and Leaving Footprints

NightCast Records Catalog

Jim Savitt
"Hear & Now"

  Jim Savitt
"Second Light"

Jim Savitt
"The Way Home"

Leaving Footprints
"Leaving Footprints"

Lanny Ward 

Ginetta's Vendetta
"La Dolce Vita"

Prabhu das & 
Leaving Footprints
"Radha Madhava"

Manhattan Project
"Chillin' Nights"

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